Nordaq FRESH water is unique. Eco-friendly, filtered water with a taste that truly enhances the true flavour of great food and fine wines.

Nordaq FRESH is bottled onsite. Local tap water passes through the proprietary, patented Nordaq FRESH filter system to removes impurities and unwanted flavours. Natural salts and minerals remain for a neutral, balanced and rounded taste.

Nordaq FRESH filtered water cleanses the palate. Therefore, you and your customers can experience food and wine in a completely new way. Wine tasting after a sip of Nordaq FRESH is a revelation. You can enjoy every flavour from every mouthful of food.

What’s more, this unique experience is combined with a positive impact on the environment if you switch from bottled water. It has made Nordaq FRESH the preferred choice of many of the world’s top chefs and sommeliers.



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